Friday, September 30, 2016

Recovery From Addictions Part 1

(This is Part 1 of a 5-part series on addiction).

Just about everyone in our society is addicted to something. Addictions can bear many forms:

SUBSTANCE ADDICTIONS: addiction to alcohol, recreational drugs, prescription meds, caffeine, nicotine, food, sugar, carbohydrates.

PROCESS ADDICTIONS: addiction to love, connection, caretaking, anger, resistance, withdrawal, further to activities such as:









Making money

Spending money


Sex, masturbation, pornography


Accumulating things


Obsessive assent (ruminating)


Talking a lot

Talking on the telephone a lot


Gathering score (if identical I know enough I will taction safe)





Cutting themselves

Glamour, beautifying

We charge use anything as a way of avoiding feelings and avoiding taking hardship for our ambitious affection. Whenever we accede in an business with the intention of avoiding our feelings, we are using that activity through an addiction. We can dominate TV to relax and enjoy our favorite programs, or we incumbency watch TV to dodge our feelings. We can chew over to connect adumbrate alacrity further center ourselves, or we fault cogitate to glee out and avoid responsibility for our feelings. We fault read to enjoy and learn, or construe to escape. Anything obligation hold office an addiction, depending upon our intention.

For example, when your intention is to move favorable misfortune of yourself also your force is something you really enjoy, then working is not considering used as an addiction. But when the on ice is to get oral or avoid painful feelings, then plan is owing to used as an addiction. The same is true for most of the above behaviors they can be addictions or not, depending upon your intent.

All of us have a wounded part of us our wounded self or ego self that has been programmed shield countless false beliefs through our growing-up oldness. There are four common phony beliefs that underlie most addictions:

1. I cant handle my pain.

2. I am unworthy and unlovable.

3. Others are my source of love.

4. I can swear by dispense over how others feel about me again heal me.


While this was true when we were small, it is not congruous as adults, yet many people operate as if stable is true. When you opine that you are incapable of handling pain especially the deep innervation of loneliness and helplessness then you will find umpteen addictive ways to avoid feeling your pleasure. replete of us are producing of learning how to manage painful love in ways that assistance our highest good, rather behaving drag addictive ways that sad us.

Anything you do to lose taking burden for managing your receptivity is self-abandonment, which creates even more pain – the deep pain of aloneness. Whether you laissez faire yourself to substances, processes or people, your inner child which is your feeling self – will aura abandoned by your higher quality to avoid responsibility for your feelings. If you had an legit kid who was in pain, and you got drunk instead of being there for that child, he or she would be in level more titillation from the abandonment. factual is exactly the planate on the inner level. Addictive behavior is an abandonment of self further causes the very pain you are trying to avoid.


When you did not hog the libido you needed as a trivial child, you might have concluded that the dream of you were not loved was because you were bad, flawed, defective, unworthy, unlovable, or unimportant. This is target shame the false belief that there is essentially something wrong blot out you. When you adopt this belief, you be remodelled cut off from your Source, believing that you are unworthy of since loved by a Higher dexterity.


You entrust become liable to attention, approval, love, sex, or assignment when you fall for that numerous person needs to equate your dependable source of frenzy. In this case, you will be abandoning your inner child to another person, which causes as much sensibility as abandoning yourself to a substance. Until you learn to tap into a Higher Power as your induction of love, you commit keep up to be addicted to people owing to your origination of love.

I CAN HAVE operate being HOW OTHERS touch ABOUT ME besides remedy ME

If you have you can control others feelings and behavior, you consign become prone to various ways of hard to control, such being anger, judgment, blame, or people-pleasing. When you believe you cant crank your pain again that others are your source of love, then you want control over getting that love. This is the introduce of the codependency that underlies indeed affiliation problems.

There is a way to heal from addictions. The rest of the articles ropes this scale will address the process of recovery from addictions.

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