Sunday, October 20, 2013

2 how to be a responsible coach

2 - How to be a Responsible Coach

Follow these important steps to becoming a more responsible and effective coach.

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Assuming the Responsibilities that come with Being a Coach

Who can forget the famous line of Peter Parker (Spidermans grandfath0065r)? He said, With great power comes great responsibility.

Society expects Spiderman a comic book, TV and movie superhero with extraordinary powers to be responsible for saving his town and the world from the forces of Evil. And he never let us down. Despite the temptations of owning such powers, he uses his abilities only for the good of the people around him.

Being a coach has similar parallels. They dont have superhuman powers such as x-ray vision or flying through the air with magic sticky ropes. But great coaches can have real power through their abilities to help others and with it, the responsibility to guide others towards success. This is REAL power that can be used to help real people in THIS world. Done well, coaches can help others turn around their lives. Done wrong, and a coach could guide a client down the wrong path.

So, with this power t


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